BMotE Podcast Episode 4 ready for listening!

>> Saturday, March 31, 2012

The latest podcast, "BMotE Podcast Episode 4: Buffy could pull off menacing in a skirt, you can't." is finished up ready for your listening enjoyment. This time, we cover different ways to play through to level cap, more of what is coming in SWTORs future, the social aspect of sw:tor and what is going on in the rest of the MMO community.

Here is the social video that Niki mentioned on the podcast:

We also have a winner of the "Most Epic Death Screenshot" contest. Nothing more epic then a low level taking on a higher level elite and just not quit making it.

However, to the person that submitted this screenshot, please email us your information. You sent us a blank email that only had the screenshot.

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Moz's Cantina Crawl: Bounty Hunter Healing Stats in Star Wars The Old Republic (pre 1.2)

>> Monday, March 26, 2012

We at Button Mashers want to welcome a new post writer to our blog, Niki. Many of you that have been listening to our podcast know that Niki started out on our Hot Seat segment and has now become a full time member of the Button Mashers family. So with out further delay...

Bounty Hunter Healing Stats in Star Wars The Old Republic (pre 1.2)

I say pre 1.2 because I read that "they" are going to be changing some of the healing classes but I have not read anything concrete. If Bounty Hunters are changed in any way I will reevaluate and do another write-up.

Aim: 1320 Aim is first but what other starts should I look for?
Aim>power>critical and surge>alacrity

Here is the build I use as a Ops healing Bounty Hunter.

I also use the same build for Warzones.
A duel spec is supposed to be available in 1.2 so fingers crossed.

Every bounty hunter website I’ve come across says. “Learn to love aim.”
Its true, you won’t run across any other spec until level 40.

Then you will start to see aim mixed with alacrity, accuracy, endurance, strength and tech power.

I’m a Bounty Hunter Mercenary and you would think I’d want to start stacking alacrity but alas, no. Having lots of it is helpful but you are not going to make casting or channeling faster then the global cool down. So, get your dark or light alignment (or neutral after 1.3) and purchase the relics that have a use on them. I have the two the alacrity on them then I purchased the gear with power, critical and surge.

I have been unable to find a website that tell you what percentage your stats should be at. Here is the gear I have. Most of it is from flashpoints, quests and heroic quest areas.
I have a few pieces from normal mode operations. Most of my gear I received from questing or a few flashpoints.

I healed Eternity Vault and the first two bosses in Karagga's Palace. I will post healer guides to these fights this week.  I healed with a sith sorcerer and it went well.

Here are my stats with only my Hunter's Boon 5% endurance buff.

Aim 1320
Endurance: 1400

In your character sheet, scroll down to show Tech.
Bonus Healing: 402.2
Critical Change: 30.02
Chance that successful technological ability will deal critical damage or perform a critical heals.
Critical Multiplier: 61.90
Critical hits or heals increase damage done or health restored by this percentage.
Activation Speed: 10.94
Reduces the time needed to activate or channel abilities so they can be executed more quickly.
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Sith Warrior, Marauder AC and Me. Part 3

This installment of  "Sith Warrior, Marauder AC and Me." will cover from lvl33 to level 40.

So from where we left off, not too much has changed as far as rotation and spec. Obviously we have entered in a few more points in the tree which we will go over later.  So some nice things about this bracket if you will get some nice stuff to build new combo attacks. At 34 you get Savage Kick and with it another combo. Force Charge->Savage Kick. Savage Kick is really only useful against standard and weak enemies, so I wouldn't waste your time trying it on a strong one. At lvl40 you finally get massacre and with it, you don't have to focus on watching for buffs for Blood Frenzy. Massacre causes Blood Frenzy and just happens to have a cooldown that is half of Force Scream's. So now you get another combo. Massacre->Force Scream->Massacre

Below is our starting tree

and here is our newly updated tree

As you can see, I have gone back and added points in to some areas that I skipped in lower levels since we are now at the top of the tree. I've added Defensive Roll since reducing any kind of damage is always a good thing. I've also gone back and added Erupting Fury. Now as far as new talents, I've added Sever for a big damage boost and Massacre which will play out as one of your better abilities.

As far as your rotation, I still use:

Force Charge
Vicious Slash
Battering Assault
Force scream

As you can see, only real change is adding in Massacre and Smash.  Now keep in mind that at this point in the game, you are mainly on a "what's off cooldown" rotation from what I've found. There are some combos you should try to hit in the right situations, but it never hurts to do a little trial and error to see what works best for you personally.

That about covers the basic information for this level block. Remember that if you get bored grinding out the missions, you can always mix it up with some flashpoints, space missions or even some warzones.  Next time, we'll cover our last 10 levels before level cap, until then, long live the Empire!
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BMotE Podcast Episode 3 Now up and ready! Contest INCLUDED!!!

>> Monday, March 19, 2012

The latest podcast, "BMotE Podcast Episode 3: Be jealous of my leetness.....and my sparkle pony." is finished up ready for your listening enjoyment. This time, we cover the SWTOR community, more of what is coming in SWTORs future and what is going on in the rest of the MMO community. We also want to welcome Niki as an full time member of the podcast, and she'll be covering the SWTOR friends invite program.

We are also having the first official Button Mashers of the Empire contest. Most epic death screenshot will win themselves a Darth Nihilus action figure.

More detail about contest rules and lots of laughing provided in the podcast.

Email your contest entires to buttonmashersoftheempire@yahoo.comPlease make sure you supply you first name and character name (feel free to give more infor if you like, ie guild name)
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Enough QQing people, it's not as bad as you think.

>> Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ok, so if you have been on the forums or read other forums scattered across the net, you are bound to run in to a group of people that I like to call the "ToR Qers". These are the people crying about how bad the game is and how there are so many problems with it. I thought it was time to take a moment and talk about this here and be totally honest about things. Lets see if we can't put some perspective on things.

This has been going on since beta, which is funny because that is were it is SUPPOSED to be buggy and have problems, rofl! Now although this is true that there were times that SWTORs beta was really buggy, this ranting set the tone for future ranks that, well, some of them are unfounded. I think these days, people expect waaaaay too much from a game right out from the start.

Warzones: Did SWTOR launch with only 3? Yes, it did. There are a lot of people complaining about this fact saying that WoW has like 8 and RIFT has like 9.  Ok, I'm happy for them.  WoW didn't launch with that many either. We also know that we are getting a new Warzone in 1.2 and that they plan to keep giving us more as the game progresses.

Flashpoints: Are they easy? They can be depending on your level and gear you have. I've found that most of the people complaining about them went in at a level much higher then recommended. This would give them better gear than what was in there and also make it easier. Now not everyone was in this boat, for some, they are just easier and that is to be expected since no 2 people are alike and what is hard to one is not to another.  They can't make ANYTHING difficult for everyone because that would make it hard for some and impossible for others.  That way of thinking doesn't sell games. I feel they hit a very nice happy medium on difficulty in the flashpoints. One that will give a challenge to most and keep people running them.

Operations: Are they too easy to gear up in? This is a harder topic to give a definitive yes or no in. Yes, they can be if you have a good guild that can work together. No if you are a loner or can't work well with others to get the job done. Are they too easy over all, no.  Bioware thought this through and came up with a very nice way to deal with guilds that are on a roll clearing things out.  You get Normal Mode, Hard Mode and Nightmare Mode to do these operations in. Each getting progressively harder. Yes, if you are in a top end guild, you can clear all this content very quickly in SWTOR, but the exact same thing can be sad for ANY MMO out there.

Is SWTOR buggy still? Yes, there are most certainly still bugs in the game. It is very difficult to always have every bug work out of a game. Hell, WoW had bugs in quests in the Eastern Plaguelands for 6 the same quests...the SAME FREAK BUGS!  So please, quit crying about bugs. No game is perfect, quit expecting it to be.

Are there a lack of "Rare mobs" that drop things like speeders and gear? yes, at THIS point in the game, there are. I am a bit disappointed by this, but this may change in the future since Bioware is continuing to update and change the game for a better game play experience.

So in conclusion, yes, there are some ups and downs in SWTOR, but the same can be said for each and every game out there, not just MMOs.  If you don't like SWTOR and feel that you just need to complain about it because it is so bad, but save yourself the trouble and just cancel your subscription, it's just that easy. There are so many other games out there to play, heck, most have a free to play feature in them already too. Remember one key thing here everyone. There have been a lot of games that make the claim that they are gonna be a WoW killer....and then they die or don't even come close because they launch with a huge bang and then can't keep the momentum. Bioware never said this was going to be a WoW killer, they stated they were going to give us a very good MMO based in the Old Republic era...and they have done that so far. Now they might become the WoW killer that everyone hoped it would become. But if that is to happen, it will happen slowly over a long period of time as the game evolves in to the game it is going to be....just like WoW did to become the top dog over EverQuest.
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Patch 1.2 coming in April.

>> Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So we have learned a lot of nice details from the guild summit so far. One of the big things is the expansion on Legecy system. You will now be able to actually link your characters to a family tree which will in turn unlock things like new abilities, new species as well as mailboxes and Galactic Trade for your ship. We will also be finally getting guild banks. This is a big plus for this patch for guilds that have a larger amount of people that are all interested in helping the guild as a whole. It will give the guild a central location to keep all of the supplies, gear and everything else they wish to make available to the guild.

We will also be seeing new content in 1.2. We will get a new flashpoint, Lost Island which continues the Kaon Under Siege flashpoint from 1.1 – Rise of the Rakghouls.

We will also be getting a new operation, Explosive Conflict that sends players to a new zone on the planet of Denova, where traitors and mercenaries are selling the rare explosive mineral baradium to the highest bidder.

Plus for those of us that are PvPers, we will be getting a new warzone,  Novare Coast...

which pits two teams in an epic battle to control multiple mortar locations and use them to bombard enemy bases. And just like Huttball, your teams can be Rep vs Imp, Imp vs Imp or Rep vs Rep. We will also be getting warzone rankings, YAY! And of course with all this new content means, yep you guessed it, new gear.

In this upcoming patch, we will also finally see a true UI customization!

I know that I have been waiting for this for quite some time.  I had hoped that it would be here at launch, but I have just waited calmly for it...ok, maybe not so calmly, lol. Although this is not truly a NEED to enjoy the game, it will help to give us a bit more control to put things where we are more comfortable looking at them.

Now although we do have to wait awhile for this patch, Bioware did toss something our way. They have given us the "Friends trial" where you can invite a friend to try out swtor for 7 days and allows them to level up to 15 before capped.  Now From what I hear, They will be able to purchase the game as some sort of discounted price, but I have found nothing to support this at this point.

Now not only are we getting all this, but there is much much more.  Will also be getting....improved character textures.  Yes friends, not only have they given us a great looking game, but there are already making it look better.  

Ummm, hey Blizzard, you do know Bioware is making you look really...REALLY bad, right? 

Not only that, but they are giving us a "pimp factor" in that you will be able to give your gear a matching color appearance. We will also be getting new daily quests on Corellia. It's nice to see that they are really working on keeping us entertained, not just in end game, but also in quests themselves.  Plus for those of you that are big collectors, yes they even added something for you, more pets and vehicles. There will also be new crafting schematics, new lightsaber colors (I can't wait to see these), new roleplay emotes and ship droids will now be able to gain affection and it looks like we will be getting test dummies on our ships.

So as you can see, there will be a lot of things coming for just about every kind of player in the game at this point.  This promises to be a hugely exciting patch and I can't wait to see what comes next.

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BMotE Podcast Episode 2 now available!

>> Monday, March 5, 2012

This is "BMotE Podcast Episode 02: The Twi'lek wants 40 credits for what?!?!".  In this second installment, we cover the best crew skills to pay the bills, space battles and more of what is coming in swtor. We also cover some of the goings on in WoW and the upcoming Guild Wars 2 beta.  Stop by and check it out!

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