How to get the Orokeet Vanity Pet (Unusual Egg)

>> Saturday, April 14, 2012

Article by Niki Casselberry of The Gamer's Fridge

x -1930, y -1451 IMO is the easier one to get to. 
You can see follow the path to the mouth of a cave. If you look up, you can see the nest. 
Head through the cave and up and around till you are standing above the cave entrance.
You should be able to see the nest and be able to jump down to it.

On Alderaan, the coordinates for the nests are:
x-1930, y-1451
x 168 y 1836

Here is a photo of them, the egg you can loot will be larger and standing upright.
The spawn timer is 4 or 8 hours. I have heard both. If you know for sure, please send me an email and I will change it.

Once you have the unusual egg, go to Tatooine. From the Spaceport
fly to Mos Anek to get the Water harvesting buff.

Here is a photo of the water tower.
There are several towers in this area so don't fret. Keep looking.

The clickable panel.

Once you have the water buff, take a speeder to Outpost Zaroshe.
It is on the edge of The Dune Sea.

Head west to coordinates -2410, -335
The area is calledCzerka Archaeological Dig. You will see a building with solar panels around it.

On the right side of the building there are solar panels facing inward.

 You will have "You have entered a powerful heat source" flash on your screen.
You will see a note about the egg starting to crack.

 Once the egg hatches, you will loose the water buff and will start to suffer from heat exhaustion. 
Run out from under the panels or the debuff will stack and kill you.

Click and learn your new vanity pet. 


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