How to get the Taunlet pet on Hoth

>> Sunday, April 22, 2012

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Your first step in finding the Ice Scabbler Jerky. 
It is the hardest to find, at least on my server, not many Biochems have found the schematic yet.
Ask a guildie, ask in trade chat or read the forums looking for someone from your server advertising that they have it.

I asked in general chat for three or four days before a player messaged me the name of a guildie that had it. I won’t mention his name, I don’t want him bombarded with tells. If he sees this and wants to comment, that is his decision.

I put the player on my friends list and waited for him to sign on.
Once he did, I met him and gave him the mats.

The mats are:

1x ice scabbler liver  (rare find on Hoth mobs)
1x ice fern (found at cords -3085, -1756) It has a respawn time of 30 minutes.
2x pickled space warm (purchased at a Hoth cantina)
4x inert virus   (biochem material)
4x cosmic trace particle   (biochem material)

Each Ice Scabbler liver takes 6 minutes to make. 
Take that into account if you are having several made.

Remember to tip well! 
I tipped 50,000 credits per Ice Scabbler Jerky. 
It is a new and rare schematic so the demand is higher then the supply. 
Tipping well makes friends.

I totally botched the trade as I gave him the wrong amounts. Hopefully my charm and good looks make up for my inability to count to 4.

Now that you have the Ice Scabbler jerky.  Go to your ship and set coordinates for Alderaan.

I am Imperial, King’s Pass is the closest speeder path. I do not know the Republics.
Purchase a NVCCSD from a neutral vendor at 1870, 1090.

Now head to Hoth.

For Imperials, Dorn is the starting base on Hoth, you have already been here if you purchased the pickled space worm and found the ice fern.

Head to these cords. 870, -70
You will be standing down in The Great Fissure in front of a narrow fisher in the wall. If you walk inside it, you will see that it is a dead end.

Eat the Ice scabbler jerky to get the buff. You are now irresistible to tauntauns.
Walk through the fissure.

Red letter will appear across your screen.
A wild tauntaun appears.

And a small baby tauntaun will spawn at the end of the fissure. He just stands there and pats around a bit so no hurry. If you run out of the fissure or get attacked.
(I play on a PvP server so it can happen. Don’t worry, as you walk through the fissure entrance way again, the tauntaun will respawn.)

Use the NVCCSD to grab the frightened taun taun. First click on the tauntaun and then click on the NVCCSD. You will shoot it and lasso the frightened taunlet and pull it to you.

It will appear in your inventory.


If you are looking for the Ice Scabber jerky schematic it has a chance to drop from:

Gargath, a world boss on Hoth: -2340, 400 (Respawn time of 4-6 hours)
Gargath also drops a second tauntaun pet.  

Snowblind, a world boss on Hoth: 390, 1025 (Respawn time of 4-6 hours)

I am Moz’nahve, I play on the PvP server Rakata Mind Prison. If you have any questions please contact me in game, at the or via email:

Check out my guide for getting the Orokeet pet too.


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