Rakghouls invade Tatooine Event!

>> Tuesday, April 17, 2012

With all the misinformation and/or lack of for this event, I thought I'd write up a short but helpful post on the missions and events going on on Tatooine right now.

So right now there is a rakghoul outbreak going on on Tatooine and there are several missions to be done. Why do the missions? Well, there is a vendor for this event on Tatooine just east of the sarlacc pit at X-892, Y516 (a little jawa with a dewback near him) that sells special items such as Infected companion boxPale rakling, Advanced Black-Green Hawkeye Crystal. To buy these, you need a certain amount of Rakghoul DNA Samples which you earn by doing the missions.

So first off, you can pick up your first set of missions at coordinates X1803, Y447. You will auto-pick up this mission, Outbreak, here. Now you will also pick up a couple of missions in this area that drop off mobs so just keep an eye on your mission log.

Once you finish the chain missions that you get from this area, you can move on to the next area where you will auto pickup the next set of missions chains (Wreck of the Stardream). This starts at X-776, Y482 and looks like a very large chunk of crashed ship....and it is. once you get here, you will automatically pick up the next set of missions, so just follow the map and knock these out easily.

Now, another thing you want to do is kill the 3 world bosses on Tatooine.  There are 3 and they have all become infected with the rakghoul plague.

  • First is Trapjaw at X-1757, Y-876. There is a skull that you can click on surrounded by dead jawas. Lvl50 boss that does pack a punch and will require an ops group.
  • Second is Urtagh at X-29, Y-981. Another lvl50 that is a bit more than a tank and spank. He spawns adds that you need to down before switching back to him. Happens several times during the fight and will require an ops group.
  • Third is Zama-Brak at X-1285, Y-2098. There is an escape pod at the sarlacc pit that you click on to bring him out to play. Yet Another lvl50, this fight is more or less a tank and spank but will still require an ops group.

All of these bosses still drop nice loot that can be rolled on by everyone so not only do you get a codex completed for each, but you might end up with some really nice stuff to wear or sell.

Lastly is a mission that will take you all over Tatooine. You pick it up at the tent by the speeder path in your respective space port city. Once you pick up the mission (I know it is at the tent by the speeder path in Mos Ila), You will travel all over Tatooine looking for ship wreckage to try to scan for answers as to what happened to the ship that brought all this fun to the planet. For a detailed walkthrough for that, check out SWTOR SPY.

Now the missions are all daily missions and will reward you with the DNA samples to buy stuff, plus some of them will give you a choice of extra samples or pieces of social gear that will let you look like the containment troopers you see around Tatooine.

Oh....and on a side note. If you become infected with the rakghoul virus, you can have even more fun. It goes through stages once you get infected, Lightheaded, then Feverish, then.....you EXPLODE!!!  If you explode and infect other players, you start up a daily to infect 10 players. If you want to do this, just make sure you do not have your antidote on and just fight as many infected things as possible. Also, if you are infected, if you enter a spaceport or major building, you may have seen scanner droids around. They will scan you and if you are infected, a group of containment troopers will appear and try to "contain" you (contain, meaning if you are dead, you can't contaminate anyone anymore, lol).

So go out there and enjoy this first of many SWTOR events to come!


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