SW:TOR patch 1.3 preview video!!!

>> Monday, May 21, 2012

Ok, so we just recently got a new 1.3 update video and I must say I am looking forward to this added stuff. Game Director James Ohlen shows off the group finder and more upcoming content in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Though BioWare is working on new content for missions pertaining to campanions, planetary and character storyline, it simply won’t be ready until 1.4. You WILL however be getting the ability to transfer between servers, as well as more gear customization and crafting and....well.....just watch the video and find out, lol.

After all, who doesn't wanna run in to battle in a bikini? rofl! But seriously, with all the ways to make this game truly your own, they have made it more and more appealing to a wide range of players without "dumbing down" the game.

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Augment system and David Hunt

BioWares David Hunt gave us more information on the augment system changes coming in 1.3 on the forums over the weekend and added a touch more this morning. This should start to give everyone a fair idea of what to expect when 1.3 drops.

On May 18th

David Hunt
For Game Update 1.3, augment kit creation is limited to the classes that can currently make augments. This is necessary for the introduction of the system; it allows us to distribute the components at a steady rate, because each augmentable item you RE results in a portion of the augment slot. The items created by the other crew skills don't fit in with this progression as cleanly - if we decide to allow Artifice or Cybertech to acquire the kits through their commonly created items, under our current systems they would produce kits substantially faster than the other skills. It is safer to open augment kits to a limited set of crew skills.
Augment tables are an important part of the plan for crafting and items in general, and we're committed to continually integrating re-evaluating the feature and integrating it into future. Our intent is to provide a system that utilizes crafting to give all gear the same statistical potential while we monitor economic data and gather player feedback to determine what other changes or additions to make. Adding augment kits to additional crew skills is on the list of possibilities, but it is by no means guaranteed. We're working on other updates to how some of the systems work - both internally and externally - that may improve the viability of including augment kits in other skills without creating a substantial imbalance. Along with the economic data and feedback, that will determine whether augment kits expand to other crew skills.
Long term, we have economic plans that involve continually refreshing crew skills with new content. Since we are early in those stages, every time we make an update it will make the most recently changed crew skills seem superior. If we included major additions for every crew skill each update at our current pace, it would likely create a result that is incomplete and devalues the system as a whole. As each crew skill gets a wider range of viable items/services, the impact of an individual addition should decrease, and we'll see a smoother cadence between the crew skills.

On May 21st

David Hunt
New endgame tier content. I can't give you exact specifics as it's not defined yet. However, it's probably safe to say that by the time you're one or two sets past Campaign and we release a new set, the content for the new set will expect your Campaign +1/+2 gear to be augmented.
Anything that could crit craft and get an augment. So you can't get the component from a stim or a mod.
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New SW:TOR book coming soon!

Author and former BioWare writer Drew Karpyshyn has given us some details about his newest book, Annihilation, which should hit shelves November 13th. Should be very exciting!

Drew Karpyshyn
Now, let’s talk Annihilation. This is my fifth Star Wars novel, and my second Old Republic novel. The book comes out on November 13. Here’s the official summary:
Republic agent Theron Shan and his Twi’lek compadre, Teff’ith must contend with a Sith Empire counter-attack against the Republic, spearheaded by the lethal apprentice of Darth Malgus. Satele Shan and Jace Malcom co-star in what will be a fast-paced and tension-fraught tale based on the award-winning video game from BioWare and LucasArts.
It’s a bit vague, but that’s the problem when you try to stay spoiler free. But I think I can add a bit more without ruining anything. It’s a stand alone story – it has no connection to Revan, and it doesn’t tie in directly with any of the storylines from the SWTOR video game, though it is set in that era. It actually takes place just after the events of the game, and the novel will reflect the Empire and the Republic as they stand at the end of the game’s storylines. (I won’t say anymore to avoid spoiling people who play the game but aren’t finished.)
The game features Theron Shan, a character who first appeared in the Lost Suns Dark Horse graphic novels, written by Alex Freed – my former co-worker at BioWare and the lead writer for SWTOR.
Annihilation is a little different than my other Star Wars books. The Bane trilogy focused on Darth Bane, one of the most powerful Sith Lords who ever lived. Revan obviously focused on Revan, another incredibly powerful Force user. Annihilation is different, because the main character is not a Jedi or Sith. Theron Shan, despite being a descendant of Revan and Bastila, isn’t Force sensitive. That makes for a very different type of novel, and a very different type of main character.
That doesn’t make Theron any less interesting, of course. My personal favorite character in the original trilogy is Han Solo, and I think he’s a good example of how you can be a hero and change the galaxy even if you can’t call on the Force at will.
That’s not to say Theron is an “ordinary” guy: he’s a highly trained field agent working for Republic Strategic Information Services. He has a number of cybernetic implants, along with a host of customized weapons and gadgets, and he’s supplemented his SIS training with his own ecclectic and esoteric studies. Sort of like Batman. Or Jason Bourne. Or James Bond. But in Star Wars.
So let’s call Annihiliaton an action-spy-thriller-sci-fi-epic set in the Star Wars universe. If that doesn’t make you want to buy it, nothing will.
Okay, that’s all for this update. Hopefully by my next update we’ll have a cover and maybe some more interesting news about Annihilation.

For more details, head on over this his website.

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Marching your way with your Trooper. pt1

>> Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We're given you a guild for leveling a Sith Warrior and a Bounty Hunter, our next installment of helping you level up a character will be the Republic Trooper. This first section will cover lvl1-10 and get you on your way to really enjoying this ranged class. We will give you the best information obtained through trial and error and when done, you should have a fully fledged badass on your hands.

  • Level 1
  1. First and foremost, remember to keep yourself buffed. Its easy to forget when you start up a new character.
  2. Explosive Round is going to be your biggest attack from the start, so make sure you lead with it every time.
  3. You rotation is going to be very simple at this point for obvious reasons. Just switch back and forth from Explosive Round to Hammer Shots and run through that rotation until everything is dead, lol.

  • Level 2
  1. You will learn Stock Strike from your trainer at this point. Its your first melee attack and from my experience, you will rarely use this.

  • Level 3
  1. Head back to your trainer and learn Full Auto. This is a great ranged or close range (melee range) attack. Just remember that it is a channeled attack so you will have to stay put for this. You might take a little damage while using it if you get rushed, but don't worry, at this point, you can survive pretty much anything.

  • Level 4
  1. Ok, again, head for your trainer and learn Plasma Cell, this will give your an extra damage buff and well, that is always good.

  • Level 5
  1. Ok, back to the trainer and learn yourself some Sticky Grenade. This is a great lead in for groups since you toss it a the center mob and after 3 seconds, it explodes and does damage to up to 3 targets and knocks them back.
  2. So at this point, your rotation should now be Sticky Grenade, Full Auto, Explosive Round, Hammer Shots, rinse, repeat.

  • Level 6
  1. High Impact Shot is the next thing you will learn from your trainer at this level. It is a nice ranged attack that can only be used on targets that are incapacitated or receiving periodic damage. Just toss this in to your rotation whenever the opportunity comes up.

  • Level 7
  1. Guess what......head back to your trainer......psych. Just keep up the good work and knock out those missions.

  • Level 8

  1. Ok, this time you will really have to head to your trainer and learn Pulse Cannon. This is a nice melee range attack that will hit everything in a 10 meter frontal cone of attack.
  2. You should add this either before or after Sticky Grenade since this is a really nice attack.

  • Level 9
  1. Yep, you guessed it, back tot he trainer. This time to learn Tenacity. This will let you get out of incapacitating or trapping effects. Great for PvP that you will be able to start soon.

  • Level 10

  1. Last time for this guild....back tot he trainer to learn Mortar Volley. Like in most MMOs, this volley is a very nice AoE attack.
  2. This would be great used just after Sticky Grenade as anything that Mortar Volley doesn't kill, Sticky Grenade will finish off.

WOOHOO!!! You're level 10!!!

Now remember, this one was a bit short and skeletal looking, but getting from lvl1 to lvl10 is pretty easy on its own.

Next time, we'll go over advanced classes and take you from lvl10 to lvl20.  Good luck out there and may the force be with you!

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Standardized Questing (Levels 16-20)

>> Monday, May 14, 2012

Standardized Questing (Levels 16-20)

Things got interesting at level 16 because my trainer gave me Healing scan. Woot! 
Three healing spells….what?!
Now I have a rotation….kind of.

I activate Combat support cylinder   (Bam!)
Then I use Rapid Shots.   (pew  pew  pew, it’s friendly fire!)
Shoot with rapid shots until it stacks to 30.
(Every click of Rapid Shots gives you 3 stacks. Press it 10 times & you will have 30 stacks.)

It's Math!

Then press Supercharges Gas. This will increase your healing by 10% AND reduce your Healing Scan cool down by 100% (You still have to abide by the global cool down.)

That is a 12 second cool down that is GONE but this event only lasts 10 seconds so spam spam spam those heals & get everyone’s health caught up.

Once the 10 seconds are up you start back up with the Rapid Shots to build back up to 30 again. If you know a big pull or a big fight is coming up, don’t be afraid to let that 30 stack sit there. It has a 60 second countdown until it disappears.

You can shot an ally to keep it stacked if you have to wait or stop and cast some larger heals. The stack won’t disappear on you until it counts down to 0.

At level 20 I got Kolto Missile through the talent tree. Here is what my tree looks like.

Kolto Missile (talent tree, min level 20)
Heals up to 3 allies within 8 meters of the targeted area for  478 - 542  health.
Heat: 16
Cast: Instant

You get your ship around level 18. With it come another companion, 2V-R8. 
Congratulations! It's a droid.

He's kind of a bonehead, his shooting skills are a bit...we'll let's say he trained at the Stormtrooper Academy.  I leave him on the ship & send him out on crew skill missions. Mako is still my main BFF,. (Best Fighting Friend)


Shooting your friend with healing bullets is awesome
Got a new heal Kolto  Missile, it's an AoE heal
2V-R8 becomes your new servant
placed 2 talent points in Critical Reaction
Placed 2 talent points in Empowered Scan
Placed 1 talent point in Kolto Missile
You got your ship, it's pretty neat.
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May 15th Maintenance time!

Once again, it is maintenance time for SW:TOR. With the stuff that seems to have popping up lately as little "glitches", I would expect some sort of download when the servers come back up.

Hello everyone, we wanted to let you know that we will be performing scheduled maintenance for four hours on Tuesday, May 15th , 2012 from 2AM CDT (12AM PDT/3AM EDT/8 AM BST/9AM CEST/5PM AEST) until 6AM CDT (4AM PDT/7AM EDT/12PM BST/1PM CEST/9PM AEST). All game servers and SWTOR.com will be offline during this period. This maintenance is expected to take no more than four hours, but could be extended.
This weekly maintenance is done in order to make general improvements and to check performance of the game so that we can continue to provide a consistent, quality experience. Quite often (but not always) after a maintenance period there will be a patch to download. After the maintenance, please login via the launcher to download the latest patch. If your launcher was open during the maintenance, you must close and reopen it for a fresh login.

Scheduled Maintenance
Date: Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

All game servers and SWTOR.com will be offline during this period. This maintenance is expected to take no more than four hours.
Thank you for your patience as we maintain service for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™.
Joveth Gonzalez | Associate Online Community Manager

For the officially post, feel free to click here.
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Patch 1.2.3 hits.....with bugs, lol.

>> Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Well, before we go in to the bugs, here are the patch notes for 1.2.3...

Classes and Combat

Corrected an issue that prevented Smugglers and Imperial Agents from taking cover in place while moving
Channeled abilities now fully complete if a buff providing an Alacrity bonus wears off while the ability is being channeled.

Flashpoints and Operations


Boarding Party
This Flashpoint's Hard Mode no longer has a daily limitation.


Players now receive a "Timed Run" buff when attempting Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace in Nightmare Mode. Killing Soa or Karagga before this buff expires grants the Infernal or Unyielding title, respectively.

Explosive Conflict
Zorn's "Fearful" debuff is now correctly restricted to 30 meters.
The Demolition Probe Droid no longer attempts to move to the player in the scout tower, which could result in the Droid evading.
Minefield turrets no longer occasionally reactivate after the group has engaged Vorgath.
Kephess's Gift of the Masters ability now uses the correct (smaller) radius.


Custom (orange) moddable items that have no modifications installed can now be reverse engineered.


All characters in a Legacy now appear in the Family Tree, even if the character has not logged in since patch 1.2.

Missions and NPCs


Implemented changes to ensure that mission encounters reset (and related enemies respawn) correctly. A small number of missions had encounters that did not properly reset.

World Missions

Daily missions on Ilum no longer require the player to complete the Ilum World Mission Arc.

Class Missions

Sith Inquisitor
The Fallen Dreadnought: Corrected an issue that blocked progression on this mission if the player skipped a mission step.


The Nightmare Pilgrim's (World Boss on Voss) totem no longer enters a state that prevents players from interacting with it.
Some issues that could cause incorrect NPC pathfinding on Corellia have been addressed.


Corrected an issue that could prevent the interface editor from being opened by the "+" button on the hotbar.

Galactic Trade Network

An issue that prevented some item category searches from functioning unless an item name or price range was also specified has been corrected.
The default value for the Rarity field is now Standard instead of Any. This allows players to search for most items without requiring that they select an option in the Rarity field.
When claiming items or credits attached to mail, players will no longer encounter a rare error stating that the message cannot be sent.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Players that completed the steps required to unlock the "Containment Officer" title during the Rakghoul Plague event but did not receive the title have been granted it.

And heeeeeeeeeeeere's the bugs. lol.

The Matrix Cube issue, which seems to also be affecting some other mission items, is being addressed and will be fix in an emergency patch.

Chris Collins
Hi everyone,
I just wanted to give you an update regarding what happened and to let you know what our next steps are regarding the Matrix Cubes.
After last night's patch, players reported that Matrix Cubes had disappeared from their inventories. This was an unintended consequence of a behind-the-scenes change to how mission items work. You may have also noticed some mission items missing if you were in the middle of certain missions as well.
The team has been working on a fix since this was first reported, and we hope to get it out to you as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we ask that you hold off on contacting Customer Service at this time. Our goal is to restore the items to you as part of a new patch, without needing any manual intervention from Customer Service.
We very much appreciate your patience today as we work to resolve this issue. Once we have more information regarding the timing of the patch, we'll let you know.

Players logging into the game are currently getting this warning:

We are currently investigating an issue causing Matrix Cubes to disappear from a players inventory. We have currently identified that equipping the item, then moving to a new area can cause them to disappear. We encourage players not to equip them for the time being.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience while we investigate the issue further.

Reverse Engineering of social items currently unavailable, but PvP and orange items are now able to be again. It also appears that the daily warzone mission has been changed from "Win 3 warzones" to "Complete 3 warzones". It's not in the patch notes, so lets keep our eyes open for more changes. If you see some that are not in the notes or mentioned here, please post a comment about it for everyone to see.

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BMotE Podcast 06 - "Will it open the Pandoras Box of Douchebaggery?"

Button Mashers of the Empire podcast episode 6 - "Will it open the Pandoras Box of Douchebaggery?" is now up and ready for your listening enjoyment. This time, we cover how the first SWTOR ingame event went, damage/healing meters ingame, possible new species to play in SWTOR and much much more!

Here is the link to the Guild Wars 2 Forbes article that we covered in our Watercooler segment for those that are GW fans. You will enjoy this write up.

Here is the Oxhorn video we talk about on the podcast...

And don't forget, go to Google+ and +Stephen Reid a positive comment about SWTOR. Speak out on behalf of those that enjoy the game. Don't let the complainers be the only ones heard!

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New playable species in SWTORs future...

>> Saturday, May 5, 2012

So it has been said that in the somewhat near future, we will be getting 2 new species to play in swtor. There are quite a few people up in arms thinking that Bioware is going to be giving us an xpac already. I seriously doubt that, I think that we will get these in a large content patch. Since we know that they can always put in to play large sections in to play with just a patch, why not toss in some new species that way. The models are there, they just need some fine tuning to turn them in to playable characters. So, with that being said...

What species would you like to see playable in SWTOR?
pollcode.com free polls 
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Maintenance time Tuesday May 8th

Once again, we will be having our weekly downtime from swtor on Tuesday. Some small fixes are needed in game such as problems with the GTN search ability and a couple of things that are more annoiance than anything else.

Hello everyone, we wanted to let you know that we will be performing scheduled maintenance for four hours on Tuesday, May 8th , 2012 from 2AM CDT (12AM PDT/3AM EDT/8 AM BST/9AM CEST/5PM AEST) until 6AM CDT (4AM PDT/7AM EDT/12PM BST/1PM CEST/9PM AEST). All game servers will be offline during this period. This maintenance is expected to take no more than four hours, but could be extended.
This weekly maintenance is done in order to make general improvements and to check performance of the game so that we can continue to provide a consistent, quality experience. Quite often (but not always) after a maintenance period there will be a patch to download. After the maintenance, please login via the launcher to download the latest patch. If your launcher was open during the maintenance, you must close and reopen it for a fresh login.
Scheduled Maintenance
Date: Tuesday, May 8th, 2012
All game servers will be offline during this period. This maintenance is expected to take no more than four hours.
Thank you for your patience as we maintain service for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™.

For the original post, you can go here.
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So what in the heck is a datacron...or is it a holocron?

>> Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ok, so if you have read any Star Wars themed stories, then you have heard of both Datacrons and Holocrons. But what is the difference?


Holocrons are ancient devices that Jedi and Sith used to record their experiences in to, as sort of a teaching tool to be passed down through the generations. One uses the force to open and receive the knowledge that is within the Holocron.

A Datacron is close to the same thing, the one main difference is that non-force users are able to obtain the knowledge that they contain. So for obvious reasons, Datacrons have been chosen to be used in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

There are several different kinds of Datacrons that you can find on the many worlds that we get to adventure on. There are Datacrons that will increase strength, endurance, aim, presence, willpower and cunning. Now there is another Datacron out there that will give you a Matrix shard. Now there are different colored Matrix shards scattered all over the galaxy. Once you get 3 of them, you can take them to a Matrix Assembly machine,

Republic Matrix Assembly - In an any-access phase just inside the Jedi Temple Ruins on Coruscant.
Imperial Matrix Assembly - In an any-access phase near the Sith Temple on Dromund Kaas.

And with the correct color combinations, you will create yourself a nice little prize. I'm gonna leave what exactly as a surprise, lol. Ok, if you really want to know, click here.

Ok, so your next question I sure is, "Where can I get these Datacrons?".  Well, there are many many MANY sites out there that give you all the details, which are far too numberous to get in to here. So here, SWTOR SPY is just one of many sites that will give you all the details you want to help you find your Datacrons.

One last thing though, these Datacrons all give between +2 and +4 to a certain stat. There is however, a Datacron located on your factions Fleet that will give you a +10 to ALL stats. 

I will not ruin it here because it is truly an adventure to get it, but now that I can waved it in front of you, I just know you will begin your research to get it.  Have fun and good luck!

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UI customization and you. Some layout ideas to get you started.

>> Tuesday, May 1, 2012

So since the customizable UI feature launched, I know of many people that have been hesitant to try it out for fear of messing things up and just getting frustrated. So I have gone through and made up a couple of idea layouts that might just get those of you that are hesitant, to just go for it.  And remember, you can't save over the default UI so you will ALWAYS have that one to fall back on.

Here is your default UI.

So here is the UI I use for my main B'ahb. - download

Here is one I use for my Bounty Hunter mainly. - download

Here is one that might look a bit familiar from games past.

Here is another nice one that I found works well. - download

I found this one works well in PvP environments - download

Keep in mind that there are lots of features that you can turn on or off depending on whether you use them or not. So you cane truly make your UI just perfect for your needs.  You can also check out UICantina for some different UIs that people have uploaded for your use.  If you want any of these UIs that we will continue to post here, feel free to email us and let us know which one you would like and we'll email you the .xml file.

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Patch 1.2.2 hits with a few changes and tweeks.

So since we now have patch 1.2.2 with us, expect to have to download a small patch before you can play. Now if you play a smuggler, I have been hearing that there is a problem with the "cover" ability. I don't know what it is, but I'll update it here once I find out.  So, with no further ado, here are your patch notes.

Classes and Combat

Corrected an issue that prevented damage shields (such as Force Armor) from re-applying properly when activated before the current damage shield expired has been addressed.
 Trooper (Forum / Skill Calculator / Abilities)

Plasma Cell now correctly deals its damage 3 times per application.

Companion Characters

Corrected an issue that caused companion stat bonuses from equipped items to be miscalculated when the companion was resummoned.

Crew Skills

Corrected some performance issues related to opening the crafting window if it contained a very large number of schematics.
Crafting Skills

Some gear that could be reverse engineered but erroneously displayed the "No Research Available" tooltip has been corrected.
Gathering Skills


Premium Slicing lockboxes now yield the correct amount of credits.

Flashpoints and Operations

An issue that prevented Hard Mode Flashpoints from dropping loot based on group composition has been addressed. Drops usable by a person in the group are not 100% guaranteed, but the system now properly takes composition into account.
The "Exit Area" button in Flashpoints and Operations is now disabled during combat.
Corrected an issue that prevented Operation Group leaders from being added to the Operation Officer Chat channel.

Explosive Conflict

Pulsar Droids in the Warlord Kephess encounter now have the correct amount of health in 16-player Hard Mode.
Kephess now uses the Gift of the Masters ability during 16-player Hard Mode.


Mysterious, Unusual, and Wonderous Eggs can now be sold on the Galactic Trade Network.
An issue that could prevent hair from showing on Jedi Knights while wearing certain visors has been addressed.

Missions and NPCs

The weekly Nightmare Pilgrim mission now rewards 4 Black Hole Commendations.
If a player logout causes a mission to fail, the player is now transported outside of that mission's phase when logging back in.

World Missions / Corellia / Black Hole Area

The previous mission requirements for The End of Torvix (Imperial) and Chasing the Shadow (Republic) have been removed. Players can now accept these missions at any time within the daily restrictions.
Players not on the mission The End of Torvix (Imperial) or Chasing the Shadow (Republic) can now use the elevators inside the phase to assist group members with the mission.

No Escape: Corrected an issue that could prevent an encounter associated with this mission from resetting if the group was defeated and re-entered the phase.

Class Missions

 Jedi Consular (Forum / Skill Calculator / Abilities)
Marked: Corrected an issue that prevented the player from speaking to Lord Shendan if they exited the phase before speaking with him.

Smuggler (Forum / Skill Calculator / Abilities)
Heist of the Millennium: The map now indicates the correct elevator on the step “Return to the Shuttle.” Several map note issues have been addressed.

 Trooper (Forum / Skill Calculator / Abilities)
Stay Frosty: This bonus mission no longer occasionally fails to end even after the player completes the primary mission.


Corrected an issue that could cause multiple sounds to play on top of each other when receiving multiple medals at once.

A rare issue that could grant players rewards for two Huttball wins at the end of a match has been corrected.

Corrected an issue that occasionally caused both teams in the Voidstar to receive less rewards than intended.

Space Combat

Corrected a UI issue that could prevent players from firing their ship's weapons.
Female characters' companions now play the proper voice-over during Space Combat Missions.


Pressing the Enter key on the prompt that displays when purchasing an expensive item now cancels the window instead of accepting the cost.
Corrected an issue that could cause completed missions to reappear in the mission log and tracker.
Pressing the R key to reply after receiving multiple tells now correctly displays the name of the player that will receive the reply.
Moving items in the inventory no longer affects their display in hotbars or in the mission tracker. This also corrects an issue that could prevent items in hotbars or the mission trackers from being used from those locations.

Galactic Trade Network

The Search button is now correctly disabled for categories that do no have a subcategory when there are no search results.

Groups and Targeting

The "Always Show Class Symbol" preference is now disabled by default.
Target Markers can now be bound to keys in the preferences menu.


Guild Banks now display on the map even if the player is not in a guild or the player's guild does not currently have a Guild Bank.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Corrected a rare client crash that could occur for characters with full banks, inventories, and a full ability list.
Some text errors in the French and German clients have been corrected.
An issue that could cause display errors in fullscreen windowed mode has been corrected.
Corrected an issue that could cause the primary graphics to display to not be selected as the startup monitor when running the game for the first time on machines with multiple graphics devices.

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