Making Credits, F2P style!

>> Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ok, so lets admit it, there are likely just as many people on the F2P "plan" as there are people with subs. With that in mind, lets take a moment to address the issue that some people with F2P are having...credits, or rather, the lack of them.

Remember, just because there is a cap on how many credits you can have at any given time on F2P, doesn't mean you can't set up a nice, easy way to keep the credits rolling in. There are some obvious ways, like make sure you do every...single...mission...everywhere. There is also, what I like to call, the easy way. I highly recommend picking up the Treasure Hunter skill. with this skill, you can get items that many people will deny they buy, yet with my experience, many of them do...companion gifts. Even the small ones that give little affection sell for a minimum of 850 credits each. Now you do have to take in to account the GTN cut for posting it, plus the cost of the mission from Treasure Hunting. But even then, you are still getting a nice amount of credits for very little/no work. You can sell other items from your crew skills, I've tried. But the Companion Gifts are by far the easiest to get, easiest to sell and will keep the money flowing in.

I hope this helps those of you out that are always in need of more credits. Until next time, may the Force be with you.
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